Open your digital doors with eCommerce.

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Since the world has been immersed in the pandemic, we have closed the physical doors of our businesses. However, Ecommerce continues to grow and strengthen around the world.

Ecommerce has grown and will continue to grow worldwide.

That 5% that used to represent electronic sales, today could be even three or four times higher. A reality that is not very foreign in Panama. Here, businesses have embarked on a race against time to build their virtual stores. In addition, optimize logistics, and train a team that is now remote. All this thinking about meeting the new digital sales made by digital natives, demanding and impatient customers.

Open your digital doors with InteFuerza's Online Store

Adopting Ecommerce in our business should not be seen as a complicated or impossible process. There are tools on the market designed to support businesses during this transition.

«Primero, hay que comprender, qué crear una tienda virtual no es lo mismo que un catálogo virtual. Es mucho más. Es lograr que los canales físicos y virtuales se integren para atender al cliente final».

Stephania Salazar - CMO InterFuerza

A solution for every type of business.

This is how InterFuerza has become an ally for businesses that are adopting Ecommerce. InterFuerza is a cloud platform that has been delivering technology solutions to SMEs for more than 8 years. During this time, we have been helping businesses grow in an orderly manner.

Now, we have supported hundreds of companies to build their online store. Integrate their payment processors. And even connect their social networks to expand their sales channels. Facilitating the process of adopting this model.

What can the online store of InterFuerza do for your business?

With the Virtual Store of InterFuerza, businesses will be able to control the entire sales cycle of the business:

  • Upload your catalogue of products and services
  • Set special prices and promotions
  • Easily customize the design of your online store
  • Connect Facebook and Instagram to your online store
  • Connect your favoritepayment processor to get paid online
  • Manage the delivery of your orders
  • Connect inventory, accounting and more.

In conclusion, having an online store is essential to cope with the changes in today's world. Since it has become the main sales channel of the business. Without forgetting that it is the only option that buyers have to acquire the products/services they need.

We invite you to register and get 15 days free to use the online store InterFuerza in your business. Take the first step to keep your sales going!

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